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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Industrial Relations: Back on the Boil

I haven't seen it reported anywhere, but very quietly, the Leader of the House Tony Abbott issued an announcement last week that a parliamentary sitting week has been added in November this year to urgently implement the bloody wonderful agenda the government has to ram through this year (and set aside the nasty bits until everyone's busy tucking into their Christmas shopping). In other words - hand over industrial relations and nobody gets hurt.

Yes, industrial relations. Remember? Before Telstra, before all the other hubub that has successfully drowned out this tawdry little topic that led to the most spectacular drops in the Howard Government's popularity in its 9 year history? This excellent article from Australian Policy Online may help to refresh your memory - and remind you why we've still got an extremely important battle to fight, and it's looming ever closer. The government are struggling to put it off, but they can't put it off forever.