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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It's Time?

After Tampa, the full sale of Telstra, the war in Iraq, Cornelia Rau, industrial relations, interest rate lies, and all the rest, could it be petrol prices that finishes them off?

Grant Goldman show, 2SM 9:39pm today:

Talkback caller, Connie (middle aged woman) complains about the government's claim that they can do nothing about the high petrol prices. She says we put the government in there and should be able to kick them out. Goldman says we have to wait a while before we can do this. He says the mood in the electorate seems to be beginning to say that it's `time for a change again', and that this happens after a government gets a bit tired. Connie says everyone she has talked to is very dissatisfied about the Howard Government and the excessive power they wield but feel there is nothing they can do.

Eighteen months, people. Eighteen months ...