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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Labor Triumphant in Triple M By-Elections

Ok readers. Brace yourselves for the unvarnished truth. Minotaur is just a little pissed on beer paid for by one of the candidates in the Triple M By-elections and well chuffed by said candidate's triumphs over various smear campaigns by at least one fierce opposition candidate. Fortunately, said candidate appears not only to have won, but to have won on primary votes, an absolutely phenomenal result that has justified your poor Minotaur's decision to work a 7 day week which involved huddling in local train stations arguiing for the local Labor candidate, for whom Minotaur deeply believed in.

I also remind you that controversial Liberal MP David Clarke will be Monica Attard's guest on Sunday Profile on ABC 702 this week. Expect interesting stuff - more so if, as rumoured, openly gay mother of two Penny Sharpe takes Carmel Tebbutt's seat in the Upper House.

(As we've now conclusively won, and we can put aside our tribal differences, I can now report, and chuckle, about the Greens scrutineer who told me about the bumper sticker that is apparently being distributed at the moment that says `The Christian Right Is Neither'. ;) )