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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ray Hadley: Clueless

OK, if nothing else - here's proof that Ray Hadley doesn't listen to either Chris Smith or Philip Clark.

The previously mentioned Amjad Mehboob of the Federation of Islamic Councils has been doing the radio rounds this morning, emphasising (as I posted earlier), the rough treatment Muslims have gotten on talkback radio recently - particularly yesterday, as a result of 42 Minutes' latest sensationalist blather about the visiting Muslim cleric Sheikh Khalid Yasin.

As Alexander Downer well knows, Ray Hadley is a lunatic attention seeking bully. What we didn't know is that he's also delusional

According to Ray Hadley, there hasn't been any talkback picking on Muslims in the past week. Not a jot. Not a quiver. Not a nasty word. Not on 2GB. Not in my backyard!

So what's the logical conclusion? This Islamic fruitcake Mehboob chappie LIED to the Sydney Morning Herald !!!

Ray Hadley - do you KNOW what defamation is?