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Monday, July 25, 2005

Latest at ABC 702 ...

WHOOOHOOOO !!! James Valentine is staying on afternoons, where everyone in the whole wide world knew he belonged. This, according to today's Sydney Morning Herald, was by `mutual agreement', and fair enough. There was just no room for James to shine amidst all those bloody traffic reports and things.

Interestingly, the in-house frontrunners are apparently weekend host Simon Marnie and his current replacement on the weekend shift, Sarah McDonald. I've been predicting McDonald for a long time - like Catterns, a Triple J alumni who's paid her cultural dues (interestingly, must the same could be said for the lineup of the new DMG station for which Catterns was poached - former JJJ host Francis Leach will apparently also be doing a shift. Will this station be for those old farts that Triple J keep saying they want nothing to do with, but who still have fond memories of the Maynard F# Crabbes and Helen Razor/Mikey Robbins days???)

If Marnie does leave weekends, it'll be a seismic shift for his weekend show, which has been running for a good many years now (and has already seen a large, and very sad, change this year with the death of Les Miller, co-host of the popular `Weekend Woodies' segment). Marnie's enormously appealing, especially in the roll-over-listen-to-radio-in-bed shift he's on, but can he take on the Joneses and Carltons?

One thing's for sure - ABC better remember to take Catterns' voice off the emergency tape they play when there's a transmission problem, quick smart. It was still in place as of the 2 o'clock news on Sunday, and the DMG station is launching in a matter of weeks.


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