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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Meet The Press - Live Blog

Today's GuestPrime Minister John Howard, interviewed by Paul Buongiorno

Part One
What's with that little non-committal `hmmm' sound he makes? Don Watson could write a book on that ...

Scary to think that world leaders themselves sit around watching major emergencies on cable TV like the rest of us and perceive emergency events through the prism of the media.

Ooh goodie, an exclusive poll! Meet The Press is good for these. Here we go - the question this week is `Did the war in Iraq make Australia a bigger terrorist target?' 51% Yes, 38%, Maybe 5% Decreases the Threat. Ohh, here comes the Hmm again! We must find a name for the Hmm!

The public `in a commonsense way' apparently know when we have `finished the job' in Iraq. We all seemed fairly clear on the fact that it should never have started in those rather large protests ...

OOOHHH goodie! More exclusive polls coming up! Whee! There's no better day than Sunday than a media/politics junkie!

Part Two
Here we go - `Should the powers of ASIO be increased' ... ergh ... 62% Yes, 29% No. Hm. Stay tuned for small video cameras in your cornflakes.

Oh, here comes Terrorism For Dummies: terrorists = crazy perverted evil beings with no rational purpose behind the political statement of blowing themselves up. Maintaining that belief is a very good way of inspiring young men of getting the shits to keep blowing themselves up.

Hehee ... Buongiorno just said `Firebrand peaches' instead of `firebrand preachers'. I love the idea of Firebrand Peaches. I might get that on a T-shirt.

Oh, here comes that STUPID National ID card. Here's a tip - when Howard doesn't want to answer a question, he starts the next question `Now, can I just say ...'. It's almost as much fun to look out for as the way his shoulder twitches when he's in a bad spot.

HAHAHAHAA - Mark Knight, you're a BLOODY legend mate ... :D Damn the Sun-Herald for not putting links to your brilliant cartoons on their website!


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