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Monday, July 25, 2005

Piers Outdoes Himself

Riddle me this, Batman. How is it that Sheik Mohammed Omran can be crucified left right and centre for saying he doesn't think Osama bin Laden had anything to do with the September 11th attacks, while Ack Ack can claim to have a `sound' theory proving that Saddam Hussein was behind the first attack on the World Trade Centre and we don't hear a peep? Will Ray Martin have him on A Current Affair tonight? Eughhh, there's a disgusting thing to imagine ...
Today's Steve Price show, approximately 5:30pm ...

Pricie's Talking Point is `Would you give up some of your civil liberties to make Sydney safer? Would you back a shoot to kill policy?'
Akerman says he was living in Washington when the World Trade Centre was attacked the first time, adding he has a `tidy' theory proving the attack was `directly related to Saddam Hussein' (conspiracy theorists, kids, CIA - here it is, get out your note books!) - the bombers went to Iraq afterwards.

It's that easy, kids! Did you know that the WMDs were there too, but Hussein accidentally left them in a bunker in Pyongyang? Whoopsy! It gets better!
Akerman says the young man who was shot by London police, who thought he was a suicide bomber `put himself at risk' by acting strangely in the first place'.

I would say `mandate to assassinate Piers Akerman ... growing ...' but I could be struck down and deported somewhere under these dinky new anti-terrorism incitement laws ... but the best is yet to come ...
Price says it is good to hear the opinions of people like (radical Muslim clerics) Sheik Yassin and Sheik Omran in order to form a rounded opinion. Akerman agrees, but thinks Yassin should not be let in to put his views to impressionable Muslim youths, especially as `the Islamic community is the least educated in Australia at the moment'.

Stunned silence. GOD I wish David Marr was here. We could lay into him in an alleyway ...

But, to end on a light note ...
Price says some of his Muslim callers claim that Akerman is prejudiced towards them. Akerman does not refute this (`Oh, now why would THAT be' I believe was the quote), but says he has been to Islamic countries many times, has moderate Muslim friends, and is `only interested in truth', not propaganda. (excuse me ... HAHAHAHAAHAA). He says anyone who disagrees with him obviously has something to hide.

Ooops! Sorry - that was the one-of-the-most-idiotic-things-I've-had-the-misfortune-to-hear-on-radio bit. THIS was the light note ...
Akerman decries Yassin's `absolute bile' and his `message of hate and terror, and intolerance'.

See, if you change `Akerman' and `Yassin' ... aw ... guess it's not that light after all.



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