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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Farenheit Rises

Quentin Dempster's interview with new NSW Liberal leader Barry O'Farrell is a good demonstration of the truth behind The Chaser's mock headline - `Iemma Supports Debnam in Leadership Battle' (you'll have to wait to read the interview - Stateline has clearly become slack once more, but once it comes online it's well worth reading).

The fact that O'Farrell has not been elevated to the leadership before now just goes to show exactly how bloody minded the factional battles within the party are - fortunately, the new Shadow Cabinet suggests that the influence of David Clarke et al may be waning.

Despite the numerous moderates supplanted by Clarke-backed candidates in pre-selection, only one has made the shadow cabinet, in former Deputy DPP Greg Smith, who was named Shadow Attorney General, as was widely tipped. The other two debut MPs to make the shadow cabinet are the woman who almost missed out on a seat in parliament because of Smith's successful battle for Epping, Pru Goward; and Michael Baird, the son of Federal MP Bruce Baird. Both are acknowledged moderates.

O'Farrell has long been acknowledged as one of the best parliamentary performers - he's clear and forceful and, increasingly important in the current political climate, he doesn't give the impression that anyone else is behind him pulling the strings. Hopefully, he'll keep the government on its toes - not a bad thing.