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Friday, March 30, 2007

Bob Debus to Contest Macquarie

Former NSW Attorney General Bob Debus has confirmed that he will stand for the seat of Macquarie in the upcoming Federal Election, citing his desire to see a Labor government elected and a number of issues both within and outside his former portfolios addressed at a Federal level. Before retiring from NSW Parliament at the election, he was the last remaining Minister from the Wran Government, the country's longest serving Environment Minister, as well as the NSW Arts Minister. He is perhaps best known as the target of an extraordinary attack last year by Peter Debnam, involving allegations made under parliamentary privilege but later comprehensively disproven. Coming as they did at the time of the Milton Orkopoulos scandal, Debnam's monumental blunder has been identified by many observers as a key turning point in the Liberal election campaign. This, perhaps even more than any reiteration of his policy to cut 20,000 public service jobs, led to many people deciding they `couldn't risk Debnam'.

Debus should be a formidable candidate in Macquarie, a seat which, as I said earlier, is held by Liberal MP Kerry Bartlett but is notionally Labor after the redistribution. Should Debus win - and of course, should Labor win - his name will almost certainly be raised as a potential Federal Attorney General.


At 10:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good move Bob! Federal Attorney General will be a great portfolio for you. I've hope you will be Prime Minister one day.

At 5:58 pm, Anonymous K. Thomas said...

You have not a Federal Member's address at present, but I beg you to change provisions for single parents looking for work and their children. My daughter and her son aged 16 have been trying to get suitable work all this year subsisting on the pittance allowed with help from both her parents, now retired and on pensions. She suffers from clinical depression and really struggles, does not drive and in any case could not afford a car. Her son has been trying all this year to find work which is reasonably accessible to where they live at Wentworthville, and has been knocked back many times. Just how does government expect people like this to exist, much less have any sort of decent life ?

Near-full employment claimed by the previous government is just a myth and does not take into account demographic variables as well as different circumstances of individuals. My daughter has had several problems with both Centrelink and job network people both of which behave like the Liberal Party faithful, i.e. all people receiving social security are "bludgers". In my daughter's case and that of her son, it is enough to break their spirits entirely.

Ms. K. thomas,PO Box 177
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