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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Late Frontbench Betting

Kevin Rudd delayed the announcement of his new frontbench out of respect to Kim Beazley, who was attending the funeral of his brother. Though there's since been no official announcement, various outlets (such as The Oz and Sky News) have assigned some roles with what sounds like relative certainty.

Here, to redeem myself from the various poor calls (I willingly admit that my readers have done a better job than me), are the latest tips:

Wayne Swan: Expected to hold onto Treasury, though Lindsay Tanner is not being discounted.
Anthony Albanese: Given the prestigious role of Opposition Leader of Business - that is, the co-ordination of approach, strategy and questioning in Parliament, a job previously held by Julia Gillard. Still no word on whether he will retain Environment, though nobody seems to be ruling it out altogether.
Peter Garrett: Speculation continues that he will be given Environment, though Arts and Indigenous Affairs are also being mentioned (well picked, Armagnac!)
Bob McMullan: Confirmed as the Shadow Minister for Federation, a newly created portfolio to spearhead Rudd's pledge to fix the Federal/State relationship. An ambitious idea indeed, given the issue's been paining Australia since Federation itself. But, as I said before, a good and potentially popular one. I imagine it won't be McMullan's only role, though.
Simon Crean: Expected to take his old role of Trade, and (yay!) an industry/regional role.
Julia Gillard: No other name besides hers is being mentioned in relation to IR.
Stephen Smith: There are whisperings that he's headed for Foreign Affairs (chalk one up to Milltown Pete)
Lindsay Tanner: Likely to retain Finance should Swan be given Treasury.
Robert McClelland and Tony Burke: Have expressed interest in keeping their current roles, and given they're doing well at them, I should imagine they'll keep them.

This leaves a number of key roles, such as Health and Education, unfilled. I'll make another bold pronouncement and tip a long-time campaigner on education issues, Craig Emerson for Education. As to Health? That one's still puzzling me. It would be a bold move to give it to one of the new frontbenchers, though not out of the question, I suppose. Again, I welcome your suggestions.

The next pool? The Howard reshuffle. If you're looking for a long-shot, I'd advise Amanda Vanstone being retained in anything other than a junior portfolio.


At 4:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was not at all what this little black duck expected!

At 11:07 pm, Blogger Minotaur said...

I think everyone's signing that tune ...

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