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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

D-Day for IR

The Federal Government will introduce its Workplace Relations Amendment (ScrewTheWorkers) Bill to parliament today, in what Workplace Relations Minister has described as a `historic day', but which Opposition Leader Kim Beazley has called a `one man's tired old dream' that promises to become a `living nightmare' for Australian workers. 700 pages will be put to parliament for debate - and even at this late date, last minute amendments are being made, including a five year quarantine on industrial action on new projects. Wilson Tuckey is apparently a big fan of this idea. That should say it all.

John Howard is hoping for a jolly old Christmas, with the scalps of IR and the anti-terrorism laws hanging off his Santa belt, egg nog dribbling down his self-satisfied chin. It's clear the Coalition party room is doing its best to ensure that any dissenters - or even supporters of dissenters - get the best quality Big Bill Heffernan smackdown and a page of the anti-terror laws with the sedition section circled with a yellow highlighter.

More at the Daily Terrorgraph and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Naturally, I would encourage you all to participate in the ACTU's National Day of Action on November 15th to protest the legislation (follow the link to see the details of events at individual capital cities).

But don't forget also that a limited Senate Enquiry into the changes are taking place. Sure, Kevin Andrews will probably shred the submissions and use them to line his budgie's birdcage, but there's no quicker way of eroding democracy than not participating. Information on how you or someone you know who will potentially be effected by the legislation can make a submission to the enquiry is available here. Submissions close November 9th so get cracking.


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