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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Is the Day of the Single Voice Blog Dead?

Having observed the bachelor pad that was Cut Price Commentariat being shut down and a swinging share apartment named open in its place, I'm curious as to your thoughts, O my friends and droogs: what of the single voice blog? Is it, as Comrade Liam believes, a dying art form? Is the blogosphere becoming a bit like the Domain on a Sunday, where I at first wondered if they still had Speakers Corner and then saw not one but three competing Speakers Corners set up in various areas of the park? Or is setting up a multi-voice blog just a convenient way of making sure there's another blogger to pick up the slack when you're too shagged out to do so?

I'll tell you why I started blogging. Because I'm an opinionated, bossy little so-and-so who couldn't keep her mouth shut even if the alternative was to swallow battery acid with a light chaser of pulped WorkChoices booklets. Thus, the single voice blog suits me down to the ground. I admit I haven't been blogging as much as I would have liked recently (I haven't got blog fatigue ... fellow uni students will realise my predicament) but when I do, I'm afraid it's me, me, me for the forseeable future, puppies. Love me, love my blog.

Nevertheless, different strokes for different folks and all that. Any thoughts?

(As an aside, I must gently but firmly disagree with another of my favourite Insiders divan divas, Malcolm Farr - who argues that the Left blogosphere is just too much of a collective stick-in-the-mud for anyone to take it seriously. True, the Left in general can err on the side of po-facedness, but in my experience, the Left is a hell of a lot better at taking the piss out of itself than the Right. The Left's idea of a good laugh is, for example, The Daily Flute. The Right's idea of a good laugh is that gawdawful page George W. Bush has on the White House page dedicated to his two dogs. I'm not linking to that because I'm still not entirely sure whether or not it would make me a terrorist.)


At 1:42 pm, Blogger Zoe said...

The lazier I get, the more I think group blogs are a good idea.

But don't you go changin'

At 11:56 pm, Blogger leftvegdrunk said...

Group blogs lack the continuity of a solo author. And there can be too many entries per day/week for the casual reader to stay abreast of. I am going to keep up with, but the other group efforts fall by the wayside for my mine.

When I have twenty minutes up my sleeve (and never really much more) I scan Minotaur, Moment to Moment, Tan & Trev, Loewenstein, Personal Political, or House Negro.

Hope that helps in some strange way.

At 3:57 pm, Anonymous Kate said...

I like my solo blog 'cause I can crap on about whatever the hell I choose, without worrying about lowering the tone of my blog.

But I like belonging to a group blog because it makes me look good. Oh, and because my fellow bloggers are so smart and well-worth reading, of course.

At 11:19 am, Blogger Minotaur said...

That's the thing see. I quite like a single voice blog because it's kind of like being able to rummage around in someone's mind (or, for the blogger, to dump the contents of your mind somewhere, which is a nice and cathartic thing to do). That's not to say you can't dump your mind into a group blog, but the dynamic's different.

Maybe it's because I listen to so much radio. If I tune in to ABC 702 at 1pm, I want to hear what's on James Valentine's mind. The group blog's a bit more of a lottery.

How's the expression go? `Not better - just different?' I'm very fond of many group blogs - wsacaucus for one - but I'd hate to see too many individual bloggers shut up shop.

At 12:31 am, Blogger Miss Eagle said...

Well, I'm the single voice blog crying in the wilderness coz I mix religion in with my leftie view of the world - this can cause me to fall foul of the christians in the blogosphere as well as making me doubtful with the lefties and everyone else thoroughly confused.I figure the group blog has a lot to do with SEO so that they can keep up a goodly number of blogs with rich content to get attention from the search engine crawlers.

At 6:31 pm, Blogger Armagnac Esq. said...

Followed your link from mine. Too lazy to trackback but i've also posted on this anyone who wants to take it up further.

I like you posed a question, and felt no sure answer.

But I think individual blogs can be just as effective, they just need more work. I still think the most punchy and effective poliblog in australia is the wretched tim blair's.

I think the group bloggers see themselves as analogous to magazines or papers, a maturing, but this isn't so for one key reason- the most important part of a paper is the editor. What a good group blog would need, and this goes against the spirit of blogging, would be a hard headed editor who looked at the contributions offered and only ran the very best ones.

Maybe. I dunno. Once my broadband arrives in a week i'm going to go nuts with a new poliblog though.

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