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Monday, February 19, 2007

Fabian Society Forum & Cafe Talk

The series of montly Fabian Society events is upon us again, which obliges me to give these always thought provoking, sometimes controversial events a bit of a free plug.

First up for this year should be a cracker, with NSW Secretary of the Australian Labor Party Mark Arbib making a rare public appearance - something that is even more extraordinary given the event's proximity to the NSW Election.
Who will the NSW State Election and does it really matter?

LHMU Auditorium, 187 Thomas St, Haymarket

The NSW State election on 24 March 2007 is almost here. The issues that dominate include the water crisis facing NSW all the way through to Work Choices. Is Iemma or Debnam the best bet for NSW? Do voters see a difference? Does it really matter: does control of an Australian State in the modern Federation matter that much?


Mark Arbib (NSW ALP General Secretary)
Elizabeth Farrelly (Sydney Morning Herald Journalist)
Antony Green (ABC Election Analyst).

Chair: Geoff Gallop, President, AFS (NSW Branch).

Members of the Fabian Society: Free. Non-Fabians $9/$6. Further details from AFS (NSW Branch) Secretary Simon O'Hara.
Hot on the heels of the main forum is the next Fabian Society Cafe talk, a more informal discussion with one speaker.
Fabian Society Cafe Talk Series
The Massive Escalation Required to Win the Climate War

Berkelouw's Bookshop Cafe, 70 Norton Street, Leichhardt

Speaker: Murray Hogarth.

Just last week the IPCC released its latest, sobering, report on climate change. In the light of that report, Murray will talk about how politics, business, the media, the environment movement and the consumer will shape our future now that the science of climate change has advanced to a high level of certainty.

Murray Hogarth has been helping major companies to understand and respond to their social and environmental challenges since 1999, when he joined Ecos Corp after a 21-year career in print and TV journalism. His media experience includes reporting with 4 Corners and the 7.30 Report, and with the National Times, the Australian and, as Environment Editor, the Herald. Murray's new book on climate change, "The 3rd Degree", will be published later this year.

$5.00 to get in. Coffee and cake included in the price. All money goes to the venue. Please RSVP to Sean Kidney
See y'all there!


At 8:12 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WTF? Arbib at a Fabian Society event?

Who'd ever have thought that could happen.

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