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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Karl Rove to Leave the White House

Karl Rove, largely considered the architect of US President George W. Bush's political success will leave the White House, where he has acted as Bush's Deputy Chief of Staff, to concentrate on the upcoming mid-term Congressional elections, which the Republicans are in serious danger of losing.

Rove has been Bush's right-hand man since long before he was Governor of Texas, and having read up on the man quite a bit (for example, this profile in The New Yorker, it's not too much to say that Rove - a neocon virtually since birth - deliberately sought out the man most likely to become the next Republican president by virtue of bloodline and happenstance and nutured him for the top job.

Rove's departure asks a number of questions. Firstly, how much more deflated will Bush look without one less hand up his keester? Secondly, was Rove gently pushed, given his implication in the Valerie Plame CIA leak scandal? Thirdly, could the fact that Rove is a known opponent of military action Iran be a very bad sign of the Bush administration's intentions for that region?

One thing is certain - the move makes a clear statement that the Republicans finally realise exactly how troubled Bush's presidency is.

Rove's departure comes as part of a wider reshuffle which also sees the exit of White House press secretary Scott McClellan, who has had perhaps one of the roughest jobs in the Bush Administration - that is, justifying some truly crappy decisions to a rightly hostile media where his superiors wouldn't go within spitting distance of the press room.


At 6:25 am, Blogger Splatterbottom said...

Rove has stepped back to enable himself to take a greater role in the mid-term elections.

The Plame affair only demonstrates the Democrat infiltration of the CIA and an attempted hit on Cheney by incompetent party hacks. Christopher Hitchens (that rarest of things, and intelligent leftist) has another piece of the puzzle here

At 11:39 am, Blogger Minotaur said...

I don't know if I'd describe Hitchens as `leftist' !?!

At 9:10 am, Blogger Splatterbottom said...

OK you are right, he's a former leftist. He has broken with the left, probably because he has maintained the principles that caused him to be leftist anyway. From an interview::

As to the “Left” I’ll say briefly why this was the finish for me. Here is American society, attacked under open skies in broad daylight by the most reactionary and vicious force in the contemporary world, a force which treats Afghans and Algerians and Egyptians far worse than it has yet been able to treat us. The vaunted CIA and FBI are asleep, at best. The working-class heroes move, without orders and at risk to their lives, to fill the moral and political vacuum. The moral idiots, meanwhile, like Falwell and Robertson and Rabbi Lapin, announce that this clerical aggression is a punishment for our secularism. And the governments of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, hitherto considered allies on our “national security” calculus, prove to be the most friendly to the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Here was a time for the Left to demand a top-to-bottom house-cleaning of the state and of our covert alliances, a full inquiry into the origins of the defeat, and a resolute declaration in favor of a fight to the end for secular and humanist values: a fight which would make friends of the democratic and secular forces in the Muslim world. And instead, the near-majority of “Left” intellectuals started sounding like Falwell, and bleating that the main problem was Bush’s legitimacy. So I don’t even muster a hollow laugh when this pathetic faction says that I, and not they, are in bed with the forces of reaction."

It takes a lot of guts to walk away from a lifetime of friendships, knowing that the holders of power and prestige in the acadamy, and in the serious intellectual publications of the day would damn him forever.

His book on Orwell was an early signal that he might go this way. It is the price of thinking for yourself.

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