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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ohhh, Danna ...

What to say about Danna Vale? Every time she opens her mouth she manages to force her enormous Gucci-clad hoof inside just a little further. As a former constituent of dear Danna's, I thought her combination of pathological stupidity and flag-waving, lamington-munching, raise-a-glass-of-Vegemite-to-the-PM naivete had finally ceased to amaze me. I was wrong.

I also thought Barnaby Joyce's defence of his position on RU-486 was a tad on the wacky side (whiz down to page 80), but I hadn't reckoned with the brain that brought us Knock Down Gallipoli, Rebuild Gallipoli in Victoria and, erm ... Don't Abort Gallipoli.

Naturally, abortion, is just a backdoor way of creating a Muslim nation. (Well, she `read it in the Daily Telegraph'. So it must be true.) It's all painfully clear.

No, actually - it's just painful.

As has been pointed out, Ms Vale's comments were unfortunate enough, the fact that a little place called Cronulla is in the electorate immediately next to her own, Cook, might have provided added impetus for her to keep her crazy conspiracy theories to herself. Even fellow Liberal backbenchers who are opposing the RU-486 Private Members' Bill have steered clear of this one and let Vale know she's on her own.

Interestingly, Vale once described John Howard as the `captain of her heart', but is known to have since transferred her support to Peter Costello. I wonder how poor old Cossie feels about this? And, as Cossie's leadership ebbs into the distant rather than near future (as the exit, stage left, of Michael Kroger strongly indicates), will we see an exodus of Cossie supporters whose patience has begun to run out? Especially those who must make extremely silly comments in the media just to get their name in the news anymore?

Please, for the good of us all - let Danna be the first ...


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