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Thursday, December 01, 2005

One Day From Now

In less than one day, Van Tuong Nguyen will be executed by the government of Singapore. I've been reluctant to enter into the debate on this poor young man's life. Let him live what he has left of it. There's nothing I can add, except my sorrow, and the hearts of many Australians are already heavy enough as it is about this terrible injustice.

Amnesty International are holding a series of candlelight vigils around Australia tonight.

6.30 pm, Martin Place, vigil with speaker, Tim Goodwin

7.30pm, Victoria Square, vigil and speakers

7.30pm, Federation Square - silent candlelit walk to Queen Victoria Gardens

7.00pm - 9.00pm, Johnston Park, Geelong

8.00pm, Wesley Methodist Church, Cnr Hay and William Street, all night silent vigil to conclude with a minute's silence at 6.00 am

6.15pm, Queen Street mall. Vigils will also be held in Warwick, Rockhampton and Townsville

12.00pm - 2.00 pm Salamanca Square

As you may know, a majority of businesses in Singapore are either partially or wholly owned by the Singapore Government. For your interest, these include:

Optus (51% owned by Singtel)
AV Jennings (60% Singapore owned)
Harvey Norman (40% share in Singapore company Pertama)
Singapore Airlines (also a part owner of Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Mobile)
SP Ausnet (Victorian power company, partially owned by Singapore Power)

I'm not saying consumer boycott. I'm just saying.


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