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Saturday, October 08, 2005

IR Changes to Be `Softened'

Bless their little cotton socks, the Howard Government now looks set to `soften' its IR changes, according to The Oz. It's a bit like saying `not to worry, we'll take a few spikes out of that bed of nails'. While it has been reported that the legislation will be handed down on the 31st of October, I've got an inkling that it will begin trickling down even earlier than that - details will apparently be rolled out in all their glory tomorrow, no doubt on one of the flagship Sunday current affairs shows. As I reported here last week, Workplace Relations Minister Kevin Andrews was due to be the feature interview on ABC's Insiders last week, but events in Bali obviously led to him being bumped - I would say it would be a major coup for them if they've retained his services for this week, but what's he going to say? It'll be Good For You, You'll Like It, You'll Work Harder, You'll Live Longer, You'll Shut Up and You'll Take It. Thankyou And Good Morning.

One thing I would like to know is why (according to today's 7:45am ABC 702 news) business leaders have been briefed on the changes, but we - the humble working public - have not. I forgot entirely - we don't fund election campaigns, we just vote.

Brace yourself for the inevitable onslaught of heartwarming ads kiddies. `Don't think of it as a smaller gap between shifts. Think of it as ... an inspiration to walk down a beach with your children and loved ones. Don't think of them as unions. Think of them as homicidal maniacs, who would kill you and everyone you cared for if they had half a chance ....'