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Friday, August 26, 2005

Steve Price's Sense of Perspective

Steve Price, about ten to 6pm, today:
Price crosses 2UE reporter Andrew Laird, who is live at a protest against `the Tampa standoff' [his words, not mine]. He is incredulous that`people are still worried about that'.
Laird says there are about 100-150 people at the protest. They plan to carry a giant cut out of the Tampa from Town Hall to Customs House. He explains that it is 4 years since the Tampa incident, and `apparently' 438 people were onboard at the time [well, not the whole time ... a lot of them ended up in the sea. And stayed there until they were dead. Quite a few were children. Quite a few were members of the same family. Remember Steve? It was only four years ago ...]. 32 of the people are still in detention in Nauru [32 eh? Then I guess the ones that didn't end up the sea became terrorists or - no - were they let out after being found to be innocent old refugees? Perish the thought!] and the protesters want to see them released. Price asks him to keep in touch about whether any of the `dopes' cause any trouble.

Earlier in the show, Price heaped shit on the RTA for not letting veterans have their Victory in the Pacific Day march on the actual day. All very well, but a) Didn't they go over there and `fight the Japs' (again, his cringeworthy words) so we could have the right to democratically express our opposition to whatever we want, and b) funny how it's OK to remember a happy thing that happened 60 years ago but not call attention to a scandalous thing that happened under the watch of the government that's still in power.

Just imagine if Pricey had been around after World War II. `I've got Paul Latta in the Traffic Chopper on the line, seems there's a bunch of do-gooders and bleeding hearts causing a hell of a lot of trouble up George St, whinging about some bloody kikes getting herded into gas chambers or something. Who gives a bugger if you're stuck in rush hour traffic? Who gives a bugger anyway? Didn't happen in Australia!' etc etc etc ...



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