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Thursday, July 14, 2005


The first of a continuing series on radio's LOUSIEST PROMOTIONS!

Well, the truth about Mathemagic Computer Tutor is simple: It's a pathetic attempt to appeal to the paranoia of the sort of middle class radio listeners who are whipping Little Danny out of Turdville Heights Primary and into St Snotvilles on the Hill to ensure he's taught `values' rather than being force fed evil left-wing black-armband propaganda by all those nutbag Teachers Federation types. Take this excerpt from a current ad:

Worried Mother: We've worked hard to send our children to a private school, and their results have been good. But to get into the BEST university, they have to do more!

Guy Smiley: EASY! Get your kid to cut Mathemagic Computer Tutor into lines and snort it with play lunch? Can you afford to do anything less? You bastard? Yes, you - the one who was just going to walk away and leave their child's education - nay, their life - in TATTERS, damn you!
(etc etc you get the idea ...)

OK, OK ... guilt trip accepted, parent spends fortune on crappy software. But - does it work? According to Infobreak, the company's objectives are, frankly, evil.

To communicate to parents how the investment purchase of a Mathemagic Computer Tutor software program can benefit their children's education and to generate high levels of call centre traffic. (EVIL!)

But let's go to the students themselves - the students who, if Mathemagic's ads are to believed, run home panting to do their maths homework once Mathemagic's installed on the old home PC. One member of the online community Bored Of Studies (which also reveals that the programme costs upwards of $5000) sums it up best when he/she says:

If mathamagic could do such a good job, then there would be no need for maths teachers. But i think i would rather be taught be a teacher than some gay program.

(sic, people, sic!)

Or, as another Bored of Studies visitor puts it:

arghhhhhhhhhh i wanna stab those idiots who are in the radio ad. They think that by making a person stutter and say "like" more than 3 times in a sentence would somehow convince us that its an 8 year old talking. Argh *stab stab*

Thankyou and goodnight ... Mathemagic the saviour of studentkind? HAH! Yeah right.


At 12:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You think the ads are bad. Try having a "free in-home demo"! These dirtbags need to be stopped!

At 3:10 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to let you guys know that the Mathemagic Computer Tutor is a total rip off. My g/f went for a job interview with them and got the job, suprise suprise, and found out some very interesting info on them. She had researched them before she went to meet with them and hadn't liked what she had found. She decided to go anyway and check it out for herself and just couldn't believe the stuff these guys say to their sales people. They stated that they feel a moral obligation to make sure as many children as possible have access to their software, please, more like a greed for the money that they make off the people from the mortgage belt. My g/f asked them if they sold the product to mainly the affluent areas, unbeknown to them she was aware of the cost, and they stated that their main sales targets were people from the mortgage belt. They explained this by stating that these people care more for their kids. More likely that they are not as well educated and can be more easily conned. Don't worry it isn't only their customers that they rip off they also rip off their sales people. All training, about 10 hours per week in person, and daily on the phone is unpaid. They offer you an hourly rate but then tell you after they have you there that you have to apply for an ABN, pay your own super, pay your own GST and pay for all the phone calls (20 per hour/min.4 hours a day/4 days a week, but better if you can do more), including a lot of std calls. They state that this can all be claimed back on tax, well hello, they could also pay for it and claim it back on tax also not leaving their staff out of pocket. They try to sucker you in by stating the ease and flexibility of selling from home and you are calling only supposedly warm leads. These leads can be as old as 5 years prior when some poor sap thought they were entering a competition to win one of their packages. Speaking of the competition, there isn't one, it is just another ploy to get leads. Honestly people this company is vermin, praying on everyone in their path. The woman who is the company director in Western Australia has nude photographs of herself on the internet, you only have to google search her name (how smart is that!) to find them. Extremely poor taste considering she has young children herself. I don't think that I would want someone like that in charge of improving my child's education. Her partner (who was formerly listed as a director prior to prosecution)has already been prosecuted in Perth for unscroupolous and unethical sales techniques. This information in itself should speak volumes people. Here are some further links that my g/f found that has different accounts on the Mathemagic Computer Tutor, including an eppisode from A Current Affair. Kalgoorlie should be warned as they are targeting your area at the moment again.

At 3:28 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK.....I am a Mathemagic Victim. To my shame, I have to admit I have been paying since 2005 for something my kids do not use. I have tried the Dept. Fair Trading and Lawyers but they are little help. Does anyone know if anyone has just cancelled their payments.... and what happened if they did? I am tired of pleading with these hoodlums.

At 9:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my mother fell for this years ago... she let this guy cine in the door and he gave me an equation that i couldnt do. The salesman was extremely condescending, severe and pushy and since i was only 14 i felt very ashamed of my maths and my mother wanted me to have a good education so she forked out the 6000 dollars from her own savings that we couldnt even afford. She raised me alone and has 2 jobs. I'm 18 now but it makes me extremely angry when i think about it. That salesman had the air of a scammer about him. I really want my mum to get her money back, my maths did not improve even though i did it daily and it made me hate maths so much i didnt even take the subject in VCE.

At 6:14 pm, Anonymous Tutor Jobs said...

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At 5:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am one of the victims of these lifeless mother fuckers. i am in year 10 and none of the stuff in mathemagic matches what i learned. It just screams ripoff to me.

At 7:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I had read similar comments years ago when I only asked of how much it was. If the salesman was to tell me just the price I'd never have thought about it. Similar to the boy with single mother that raised him working two jobs, and yet could not afford it - I was hooked up on the highest possible interest ever in my life. Still paying and finally managed to get out of meaningless payments "for a product that no one have ever used" My parents were spending a lot f time with my son and thanks to that he has great marks even now in High school.
I want to ask if anyone have or have tried to sell this program, for as nothing but at least 2000 or even 1000 dollars please share here and let me know if that is possible. It really hurts I've paid so much that I'd normally would have hired a private teacher and it would be cheaper. With all the interest now I calculate that not 6000, but 13000 I've paid for something no one needs.

That software is not easy to use, there is heaps of software out there on internet that is for free and is a lot better and useful, don't fool up people, especially single mothers... trying to make ends meet, working two jobs; this software will make no difference, but robe you more than anything else, paying for years to come. Better buy a new car - makes more sence.

At 6:37 am, Blogger Daniele Ickes said...

Sometimes, it's better to learn math with a tutors, than use applications installed on your PC. PC programs are prone to viruses and it takes more effort to fix it than to mess it up. You can try peer tutoring services for your kids. Just like any teacher, they have their own lesson plans, so you'll be assured that they fully understand what they'll be teaching. :)

At 5:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im a victim also of this rubbish.. they forced my father to buy this program and after all it done no use? i think this is more like any other computer software were they try and scam people.. In my personal opinion MATHSONLINE works great it has really helped me and as well there is spoken instructions however you do have to pay $27 a month for a student but this is what is helping me achieve in my HSC year.

DONT EVER FALL FOR ANY ADS THEY TOOK THE MONEY AND RAN $5000 for a fucking shit that was so stupid and time consuming fuck that fucking idiots

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At 11:31 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband and i were talked into getting this program in september 2008. We were told in october of 2009 that company went bust in January 2009 after we tried to log on to place daughters testing. We are still paying this off and have never used it and never will. We are quite annoyed as it was a waste of money. We are wondering if there is anything that can be done to get some sort of compensation for it.

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