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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Meet the Press live blog - Part 1

Today's guest:Vocational and Technical Education Gary Hardgrave
Panel:Matt Franklin, Courier Mail; Jennifer Hewett, Australian Financial Review

The gravel faced Hargrave isn't regularly seen on these sorts of shows - this is sure to change. Interesting how you can justify the setting up of these stupid technical colleges by ripping money out of TAFE by defining it as a `post school environment' rather than just adding school-based TAFE courses. And of course, nobody `has' to sign the individual agreements, which have not been introduced as an ideological kick in the nuts. Sure.

There is apparently a skills shortage `because the economy is so strong'. WTF ???

Boy oh boy ... someone's got to buy them a clue on industrial relations. It's just so inept. A whole lot of managerial gumble followed by `yes, we've received a few "programmed" complaints from ACTU types - but the small businessmen think the idea's bloody BONZER!'

And now the question of the day: Peter Beattie. There MUST be truth about his push for Canberra when someone's bothered to sit up all night to come up with a line like `you can see the effect of heat on teflon'.


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